Floor Prep:


There are a few options to go with when preparing a floor to apply a coating. There is acid washing, diamond grinding, shot blasting, and scarifying. At Finite Floors We believe that Preparation is 90% of the work involved when installing a floor coating system. We never use the acid washing technique as it saturates the floor with moisture and can take days to dry before a coating can be applied. We use a combination of upright and hand grinders to achieve a uniformly textured and abraded surface. The grinders are specially outfitted with diamond impregnated titanium carbide to ensure the pores of the concrete are wide open to accept our quality industrial strength materials. Shot blasting and scarifying are only used in extreme cases of concrete deterioration when multiple thick coats of 100% solids epoxy are being applied as an overlayment. Regardless of the job Finite Floors has a high level of attention to detail when preparing substrates for coating systems. We mask every area off so no material gets on anything other than your floor. We close off vents and can create tents and plastic walls to block dust or vapors from entering any unwanted area of the facility. Cleanliness is high priority when dealing with floor coating systems to minimize any contamination in the finished product.

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